Urcuquí / Ciudad Yachai / StartUp Grind / 5 y 6 de Mayo del 2018.

Peru / LAD Awards / Nomination for Social Innovation / March – 2018 / Website

Cuenca – Ecuador / Inter-American Center of Crafts and Popular Arts / Guest Speakers for “ARDIS” Design Week for Handicrafts / April – 2018 / Facebook

Loja – Ecuador / Reino – Monterrey Tech / Heartmade Academy Bootcamp; Facilitators / April – 2018

Beijing – China / International Bamboo & Ratan Org. / GLOBAL BAMBOO AND RATTAN CONGRESS; Guest Speakers / June 24-27, 2018 /  Website

Meishan – China / Inbar & Meishan Government / International Bamboo Industry Expo. Bamboo Fair. Theme: “Bamboo and Beautiful Life”; Exhibitors / June 27 – July 1, 2018 / Website

France / FAB CRAFT TEAM / FAB CITY/ July 11 -13, 2018 / Website

France / FAB CRAFT TEAM / FAB 14 / July 16 – 22, 2018  / Website

France / FAB CRAFT TEAM / Guest Speakers Workshop Fab Craft, Craft the world / July 18, 2018  / Website

Colombia / Colombian Commerce Ministry / Artisan Innovation Workshop; Guest Speakers / July 27 – 29, 2018

Mexico / EcodAl / 3rd Latin American Ecodesign Congress, Guest Speakers; Co-organizers; Workshop / October 29 – 31, 2018 / Website


Under the direction of Juan Felipe Enríquez, a team of designers, researchers and photographers travel through Ecuador collecting natural materials, rescuing traditional crafting techniques and documenting the stories of artisans and entrepreneurs who silently do great things. Creating in one of the most megadiverse countries of the planet requires this kind of expeditions to merge nature, knowledge and contemporary design into unique pieces with high added value. HEARTMADE academy is the program of investigation, education and innovation (I + E + i) of REINO Design and after 10 years of getting involved with communities of South America, we have learned that a handmade object will never be more important than the history of the one who modelled it.

Now merging to a new decade of expansion we have combined abilities and strengths in a skilled team of professionals. Galo Enríquez & Juan Felipe Enríquez as founders and developers of a movement of collaboration in the fields of design and commercial strategy that goes beyond the walls of a company. It is in itself a ripple effect of interaction and “reach” between communities and global trade that with digital communication and market development can achieve a complete cycle of sustainable economies. This gives birth to a partnership with Pamela Chiriboga as part of the leading team to the next leap of REINO’s Design innovation evolution.


Founded by brothers Juan Felipe and Galo Enríquez Fiallo.